Incidin® Dry Wipes System

For the professional cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of all types.

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The Incidin® Dry Wipes System consists of the all-purpose fleece cloth dispenser Incidin® Wipes Dispenser N, the especially high-quality fleece cloths Incidin® Premium Wipes and the optionally available Incidin® Premium Wipes HygPack.

Incidin® Premium Wipes HygPack


  • Wipe roll of high-quality dry and lint-free fleece cloth
  • Specially developed foil pouch to avoid contamination
  • Cover with a color cap – NEW! transparent for quickly checking the remaining level
  • Safety label – showing the product name and filling date
Incidin® Wipes Dispenser N

Your benefits

  • Simple refilling using the tried and tested Ecolab dosing technology (DG1/DG3) or a manually prepared application solution
  • NEW! Transparent cover to check the remaining level
  • Stable and re-sealable
  • Stability time: up to 28 days
Incidin® Premium Wipes

Incidin Premium Wipes in combination with select Ecolab surface disinfectants (e.g. Incidin Pro) are designed for very simple and user-friendly handling of surface disinfection.


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For more product details, pack sizes and all relevant order codes, please download the product brochure below.


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