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Angela Becker Senior Program Leader for the Textile Care Division R&D Center

Angela Becker

Angela Becker is the Senior Program Leader for the Textile Care Division at Ecolab’s R&D Center.  In this role, she is responsible for managing the Commercial Laundry Product Development Team and Technical Service Team for North America R&D.  

Angela Becker
Senior Program Leader, Textile Card Division, R&D Center

Angela has worked for Ecolab for 22 years in a variety of positions, and she has worked within the commercial laundry market for six years, providing technical support, research, and knowledge sharing to all of Textile Care’s customers.  She is especially passionate about proper laundering and processing of healthcare linen and is an advocate for the importance of managing your healthcare linens throughout the entire linen flow cycle.

Angela is an active member if the Upper Mississippi Valley Association for Linen Management (ALM) Chapter, and has presented at multiple ALM Chapter and National ALM educational events.  She has also provided technical information to ALM of which material has been utilized in multiple ALM Publications.  She received the ALM Tradesperson of the Year in 2015.  Angela is also an active member of the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) Healthcare Committee; where she actively leads various sub-committees for TRSA, presents at multiple TRSA industry events, and is on the TRSA Healthcare Hygienically Clean Board.  She has also presented at multiple other commercial laundry industry events, including Clean Show, and Western Textile Services Association (WTSA) throughout her commercial laundry career.