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Membrane Field Cleaning

Your reverse osmosis system's membrane requires cleanings at the right intervals, and with the right cleaning procedures. Nalco's Membrane Solutions Group can come to your site to supervise cleanings for your team. We have the right testing equipment to assess membrane cleaning formulations, and determine the best cleaning formulas. Don't have the equipment for cleanings? We can do the cleanings off-site. Maybe it's time to change your membrane cleaning program. We can help you design a new cleaning program to help you recover more of your flow and improve product water quality. And we'll review your pretreatment program to see if we can reduce the cleaning frequency.

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NALCO Deutschland GmbH
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Tel: +49 691 5325 3340

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Service Details

What affects a membrane cleaning program ?

As part of the cleaning, Nalco's engineers and scientists can recommend a cleaning program for your plant. Factors that influence the effectiveness of your membrane cleaning program include:

  • Type of membrane cleaning chemicals used
  • Cleaning solution volume for the size of plant
  • Contact time, soaking of membranes in solution can aid cleaning
  • Temperature (cleaning chemicals are most effective at warm temperatures)
  • Design of the cleaning circuit and operating parameters

Our scientists and engineers recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions for you.