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PERformance® 40

40°C disinfecting solution for hospital textiles

PERformance® 40 is the first and only programme that washes and disinfects in commercial laundries cost-effectively and with best-in-class results at 40 °C, thus saving money on water & energy. PERformance® 40 uses patented chemical and process technologies to deliver outstanding wash results and complete batch-by-batch disinfection (based on RKI requirements on bacteria, virus, and yeast) at only 40°C. The lower temperatures help protecting textile and extend textile life while reducing water and energy consumption. Due to the active disinfection already at 40 °C the washing time can be reduced generating extra capacity for the laundry.

Main Features
  • shorter washing time and increased wash machine capacity between 15% and 30%
  • unmatched whiteness restoration and maintenance (GANZ 220 and above ). PERformance 40 achieves at 40°C the same level of whiteness as a standard 60°C process
  • longer textile life, up to 30%
  • excellent color maintenance
  • energy savings, up to 30% compared to traditional wash programs
  • facilitates implementation of the steam-free laundry
  • removes unpleasant smells perfectly
  • lower carbon footprint
  • flexible set-up for tunnels

For more information please download the PERformance® 40 datasheet

Be Safe and Stay Protected
Solution against SARR-CoV-2 Virus
Elimination of pathogen contamination from textiles is one of the relevant parameters for assessing the performance of a washing process. PERformance® 60 D+ solution delivers proven efficacy on bacteria, yeast, and viruses, based on registered processes and is efficient against SARS-CoV-2 virus

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