Sekusept™ Extra N

For cleaning disinfection of medical instruments, anesthesia material and endoscopes. Effective against bacteria (incl. TB) and yeasts. Formaldehyde-free.

Product Details

Safety for the user.

  • Broad-spectrum effectiveness
  • Good material compatibility
  • Formulation without formaldehyde
Our performance Your advantage
VAH-listed Standardized safety for the user
Effective against bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses (limited virucidal) Safety for the user

Suitable for ultrasonic bath applications

Good cleaning performance with normal stains (for heavier stains, the cleaning performance can be intensified by adding Sekusept Cleaner).
Material-compatible formulation components All medical instruments can be gently reprocessed

Application areas

For cleaning disinfection of metallic and glass medical instruments, as well as thermolabile instruments and accessories, e.g. anesthesia accessories and flexible endoscopes before mechanical reprocessing.


Place instruments in the Sekusept™ Extra N solution immediately after use. Ensure complete wetting. Clean instruments using mechanism, such as by brushing. After the stated contact time, remove the instruments from the solution and rinse with water of at least drinking quality (better with sterile distilled water or fully demineralized water). Material changes in polycarbonate, polysulfide and acrylic glass with continuous use cannot be ruled out, but can be largely avoided by sufficient rinsing after every application.

Please also follow the reprocessing recommendations of the instrument manufacturer.

For terminal disinfection, we recommend our products Sekusept™ aktiv, Sekusept™ forte and Sekusept™ forte S.

Service life of unloaded application solution (in covered instrument basin): 14 days

A loaded application solution is to be made fresh every working day according to the RKI recommendation.

100g contain the following active agents:

6.0g glutaral, 5g benzalconium chloride. Slight color differences of the concentrate do not mean any loss of quality.

Use (after commencement) Shelf life
In container
until the printed expiration date
As a prepared application solution2
up to 14 days

Please note the following to ensure the correct storage of environmental hygiene and instrument disinfectants: The original containers (canisters, buckets or bottles) with the disinfectant concentrate (or powder) should be stored at temperatures below 25°C and kept dry and clean. A brief period below or above the given storage temperature (e.g. during transport) will not diminish the effectiveness.
The containers are to be sealed tightly after each use. Please also take care that the concentrate remaining in the container is not contaminated when preparing the application solution.

Assuming that the application solution that is produced is not contaminated by organic material, it is to be stored in a clean, closed container or a covered instrument basin.
Please take note of the corresponding marking on the containers in which the disinfectant solutions are kept, e.g. contents, concentration, date, shelf life and batch number. Used and organically contaminated solutions are to be changed at least once per workday as per RKI recommendation.


pikto_instrumente_manuellInstrument disinfection for medical devices



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