Do reusable wares really provide additional value?

PRESENTER: Marion Zwingenberger (Ecolab) and Sven Hennebach (TOMRA)

EVENT FORMAT: Webinar (MS Teams)

The new packaging law has shown that companies have to overcome some hurdles in terms of hygiene, logistics and costs when implementing it. Is reusable packaging really worth it? When does reusable material generate real added value in terms of sustainability? This webinar in collaboration between Ecolab and TOMRA Reuse aims to find answers to these questions and look into the future.

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Portrait Marion Zwingenberger

Marion Zwingenberger

As European Expert Technical Service & Training at Ecolab, Marion Zwingenberger is responsible, among other things, for supporting the sales departments in sustainability issues. She has many years of experience in the area of commercial kitchen hygiene and the cleaning and disinfection of reusable packaging and is in close contact with players in the reusable sector such as packaging manufacturers and the German Reusable Association.

Portrait of Sven Hennebach (TOMRA Systems GmbH)

Sven Hennebach

Sven Hennebach is senior manager for the Tomra Reuse division and is responsible for the German market. He supports suppliers and customers on site in the area of reusable packaging. He previously worked in the recycling industry and as an independent entrepreneur in this same area.

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