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With the new MAXX Plus product line, Ecolab presents three unique high concentrate cleaning solutions with multiple benefits to improve sustainability, increase productivity and optimize costs.  Based on the MAXX line with its proven cleaning performance and high levels of customer satisfaction, Maxx Plus offers the same great performance, with additional sustainability benefits. 

February 09, 2023

MAXX Plus, the mobile dosing system with lightweight, square refill bottles and a refillable dosing bottle

For many customers the importance of conserving resources, avoiding waste and increasing recycling has been a focus for some time, these considerations in addition to reusable packaging, ensures that sustainability remains a top of mind issue. Due to the need to reduce resources, the concept of ‘Reduce and Reuse’ continues to gather momentum and it is only a matter of time before these guidelines are converted to legislative requirements for packaging. In response to this challenge to reduce plastic packaging, Ecolab is delighted to introduce the Maxx Plus Range.

MAXX Plus, the mobile dosing system with lightweight, refill bottles and a refillable dosing bottle

MAXX Plus is a product line of high-performance maintenance cleaners for floor, sanitary and general purpose cleaning. The products offer excellent performance even at low dilution and are supplied in a lightweight 1-litre refill bottle in combination with a mobile, reusable dosing concept to minimise waste and CO2 emissions in building cleaning, (community) catering, hotels and healthcare.

The MAXX Plus program consists of three products with impressive value propositions:

MAXX Brial Plus is a highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner for all types of surfaces and glass with a subtle fresh fragrance. It has excellent material compatibility and achieves high, streak-free cleaning results on shiny surfaces.

MAXX Magic Plus is our highly concentrated, ultra-netting floor cleaner. Its special ingredients also ensure excellent cleaning results in various applications: on all types of elastic and hard floors as well as on porous surfaces such as unglazed tiles in heavily frequented rooms. The product has a fresh and clean smell and extends the intervals between maintenance cleanings.

MAXX Into Plus, the highly concentrated acidic sanitary cleaner ensures particularly effective cleaning thanks to its special gel-acid-surfactant combination. It is highly effective in desalination all acid-resistant surfaces, removes limescale, urine stone, soap residues and all sanitary-specific dirt and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

All three MAXX Plus products are climate-friendly solutions, certified with the EU Ecolabel and of course minimise waste and protect people and the environment.

Why Plus?

  • Because the packaging of the refill bottle weighs just 32 grams. These bottles are used to refill the reusable, mobile dosing bottles – reduce at it's best.
  • Because a 95 percent reduction in waste is achieved due to the volume-reducing, foldable 1-liter bottles.
  • Because an exact cost calculation can take place by using the dosing bottles to exactly predict the costs for the ready-to-use solutions.
  • Because the storage requirement is lower due to the high concentrates in square 1-liter bottles. In other words, less storage space is required compared to standard products in conventional packaging formats.
  • Because transport and handling are optimized by the lower volume and weight, i.e. less CO2 emissions during transport and less physical strain during use.
  • Because a high level of user safety is guaranteed with the innovative MAXX Plus dosing system. Skin and body contact with the concentrates is avoided. Thanks to the adapter system (certified according to DIN 18032), which fits perfectly on the dosing bottle when refilling, fast refilling without spillage is possible. There is no need for additional safety training or personal protective equipment.
  • Because the exact and simple dosing with the refillable dosing bottle including adapter prevents over- or underdosing and consequently reliably ensures consistently high cleaning results.
  • Because the efficient high-concentrate products at a low dilution rate for application (from 0.1 percent) stand for maximum yield in all areas of maintenance cleaning.

Because the MAXX Plus approach is sustainable, it focuses on the three pillars of sustainability – the health of planet earth, human health and business health – and it takes into account environmental, economic and social goals. The ecological MAXX Plus approach lies in reuse and waste avoidance and thus the key topics of reuse and reduce are perfectly fulfilled. The exact cost control combined with the avoidance of over- or underdosing due to the special dosing system hits the bull's eye economically. The same applies to the social component, which is fully fulfilled by the user-friendly and highly safe handling. All of this combines to offer customers a unique sustainable solution - MAXX Plus - Your Reusable Solution

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