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Bioquell Integrated Building Decontamination System

Do you need to routinely bio-decontaminate multiple rooms in your facility? If so, the Bioquell Integrated Building Decontamination System is a great solution. Once installed, this system makes it easy to bio-decontaminate labs, pharmaceutical fill lines, air locks, pass-throughs, storage areas, and more.

How The System Works

  1. Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor generators are installed in a technical area outside of classified zone.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide vapor is generated from Bioquell HPV-AQ and distributed into rooms, either through your building’s HVAC system, or through a dedicated network of pipes and nozzles. The vapor achieves a 6-log kill sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces.
  3. Once the treatment cycle is complete, Bioquell catalyst units and/or your building’s HVAC system rapidly break down the H2O2 vapor into water vapor and oxygen.

Following installation, every Integrated Building Decontamination System undergoes rigorous testing and validation, to ensure optimal performance.

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Why Choose Bioquell Integrated
Building Decontamination System

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Validated bio-decontamination cycles ensure a 6-log kill.

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Fully Integrated

There’s no mobile equipment to set up or store. We distribute the hydrogen peroxide vapor either through your building’s ventilation system, or with a dedicated network of pipes. The system will interface with your building management system, so you can run decontamination cycles with the touch of a button.

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Rapid bio-decontamination cycles, no equipment to set up or put away, and the ability to run the system overnight means less downtime.

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Bioquell's L-4 at angle showing front and right side with top component on.

Bioquell L-4

In an Integrated Building Decontamination System, the Bioquell L-4 hydrogen peroxide vapor generator works behind the scenes to purify the selected space.

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Bioquell HPV-AQ

This 35% aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution is used to produce hydrogen peroxide vapor. This vapor achieves a 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces.

Aeration Module

When you’re unable to use your building’s HVAC system to remove hydrogen peroxide vapor after bio-decontamination, we’ll install this slim wall- or ceiling-mounted unit to do the job.

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