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Paperless food safety compliance

When you think about food safety compliance you think about a lot of paperwork and research about the latest regulations? Then we have good news for you. EcoChexx-Net is an online-tool with everything you need to easily implement and manage food safety compliance in your business.

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EcoChexx-Net is recommended by the Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure Deutschlands e.V.

EcoChexx-Net helps you to easily implement a customized HACCP system in only five steps:

  1. Add your team members and assign their responsibilities by selecting from a built-in list  (HACCP, GHP, occupational safety)
  2. Review all process steps available in the database and easily remove the ones you don't need (e.g. Cook & Chill). 
  3. Review the available food categories in the database and remove the ones not available in your business (e.g. mussels or oysters)
  4. To set the critical control points for each process step you just select them from a list available. For example, for the process step "Preparation, hot" for meat you would select the critical control points temperature and time. EcoChexx-Net will automatically show you the required limits and standards for each critical control point selected, as well as corrective measures to take if needed.
  5. Assign a control sequence to each critical control point defined.

And - you're DONE and have your customized HACCP system ready to use.

An important piece of your food safety system are trainings. The templates available in EcoChexx-Net help you to plan and document your trainings. 

With EcoChexx-Net you don't have to spend time and resources on researching and staying up-to-date on relevant regulations and standards - our experts are taking care of this for you. The tool has a built-in database database with all relevant standards and regulations related to food safety and our experts are ensuring it is always up-to-date.

In EcoChexx-Net you can manage food safety compliance for all your subsidiaries and ensure users only have access to the information and materials relevant to them.

„Ecolab's EcoChexx is a unique tool on the food safety market. It's easy and user-friendly and helps ensure that food can be safely  manufactured and produced at all stages. EcoChexx fulfills all I need as a user.“

Manuel Klein
Stellvertretender Bundesvorsitzender,
Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure Deutschlands e.V.

Manuel Klein, Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure Deutschlands e.V.

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