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PARETO™ Mixing Technology for Pulp and Paper 

PARETO Mixing Technology for pulp and paper provides the optimal feeding solution of the interrelated and dependent variables of hydrodynamics, chemistry and water management to improve your pulp and paper processes. In addition to retention aid optimization, PARETO’s chemical mixing reduces costs, improves operational efficiencies and enhances finished product quality.


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PARETO Mixing Technology is used to improve and optimize the delivery of retention aid and other process chemicals to the paper machine. This technology focuses on the many variables that impact quality in modern papermaking, delivering optimization of key system inputs and improved machine efficiency. PARETO Mixing Technology can provide significant improvement in chemical efficacy while minimizing the consumption of key resources such as water and energy.

The offering delivers reduced fresh water consumption, reduced associated energy costs of fresh water heating, improved chemical efficacy, improvements in operational efficiencies and improvements in quality control.

The PARETO Mixing Technology offering has saved in seven years of operation nearly 11 billion gallons of fresh water (~44 million m3) and nearly 46.4 MM Therms (1359 GW-Hr) of energy, meaning: 

  • ~ 100,000 American homes annual fresh water consumption
  • ~ 20 hrs. of Niagara Falls flow
  • ~ 800,000 barrels of crude oil
  • ~ 65,000 cars removed from the road
  • ~344,000 tons of CO2 prevented from release to the environment 

PARETO Mixing Technology is a patented, custom-engineered approach to feeding technology. Central to the technology offering is the PARETO Optimizer, whose unique design works in combination with custom CFD calculations and an unique understanding of chemistry to ensure that injection into the process stream is achieved efficiently and effectively.

The integration of PARETO Mixing technology with our chemical programs begins with a preliminary system analysis and a comparison to alternative feed methodology. The delivery systems will then be engineered to your specific needs, aided by additional physical simulations that will optimize feed point and system additive. Combined with other novel Nalco technologies such as Core Shell, POSITEK 3G and ULTIMER, a PARETO program delivers profitable and sustainable solutions.



Paper mill water retention.

Pulp and Paper Mixing Technology Success Story

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