Incidin™ Alcohol Wipe

Incidin™ Alcohol Wipe

Ready-to use wipes for efficient disinfection of medical devices and general surfaces

The absence of active residues combined with broad efficacy spectrum in short contact times make Incidin™ Alcohol Wipe ideal for use in healthcare settings, delivering disinfection results and compliance levels mandatory to restrict the spread of pathogens in the healthcare environment.


Incidin™ Alcohol Wipe provides:

  • Broad spectrum efficacy, including Norovirus, combined with short contact times.
  • Efficacy claims confirmed using extracted wipe liquid (ie. the efficacy is ensured for the liquid released from the wipe).
  • High quality, dimpled wipe material for efficient application.
  • Excellent material compatibility on alcohol resistant surfaces.
  • Dye and fragrance free.

Benefits of Incidin™ Alcohol Wipes

  • Broad efficacy spectrum inc. Noro virus efficacy in short contact times: Broad efficacy enabling use in daily routine and outbreaks, combined with short contact times thus ensuring rapid disinfection. The efficacy on surfaces is confirmed for the liquid released from the wipe.
  • User friendly: Convenient alcohol wipe for rapid surface disinfection, no preparation required, available in customised pack formats.
  • Wide material compatibility: Excellent material compatibility on alcohol-resistant surfaces relevant for healthcare settings.

Application area

Incidin™ Alcohol Wipe is a fast acting, ready-to-use wipe for disinfection of alcohol-resistant medical devices and general surfaces in healthcare settings.

Instructions for use

Take single wipe. Wet surface thoroughly, ensuring contact with entire surface. Let it dry and do not rinse. Close lid after use. The use of a disinfection wipe does not replace regular cleaning.


Active ingredient

100g of liquid contains 35g 2-Propanol, 25g 1-Propanol


Product should be stored in a cool, dry location below 25°C and outside of sunlight. Avoid temperature extremes. Shelf life after opening is 2 months.

Efficacy profile

Disinfection of surfaces acc. to VAH 2015 (includes test acc. to EN 16615)
with mechanical action (bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal) clean & dirty conditions 5 min
EN norms (clean & dirty conditions)
EN 16615 (bactericidal, yeasticidal) 1 min
EN 13727 (bactericidal) 1 min
EN 13624 (yeasticidal) 1 min
EN 14348 + EN 16615 (method) (tuberculocidal) 1 min
EN 14476 (enveloped viruses) 30 sec
EN 14476 (limited virucidal PLUS) D symbol  5 min
EN 14476 D symbol / EN 16615 method CH symbol Adeno / Noro 5 min
EN 14476 Polyoma / SV 40 10 min
EN 14476 Rota 30 sec
Efficacy according to DVV / RKI guideline
Effective against enveloped viruses (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV) according to RKI recommendation 01/2004* 30 sec
Limited spectrum virucidal plus* 10 min
Adeno* 10 min
Noro* 10 min
Rota* 30 sec

*DVV 2015 (suspension test)

Use biocides and medical devices safely.
Always read the label and product information before use. 

Please read label and product information.

For professional use only.


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