Sekusept Pure Clean

With its neutral, enzyme-free formulation Sekusept Pure Clean is safe and easy to use. Pure Clean is used for the manual pre-cleaning of surgical instruments and medical devices including flexible endoscopes.
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Product Details


With its neutral, enzyme-free formulation Sekusept Pure Clean is safe and easy to use. Offering good material compatibility, it can be used with a variety of instruments including those made from colored anodized aluminum.


Sekusept Pure Clean comes with a light blue color to visually indicate the product has been applied. The low foaming formula provides high visibility in use and is easy to rinse after the cleaning step.


Sekusept Pure Clean can can be used at low concentrations in the range of 0.3% (3ml / L) to 1% (10ml / L), meaning less product needs to be used per cycle.


For the manual cleaning of medical instruments including flexible endoscopes and accessories e.g. surgical instruments and rigid endoscopes, MIC – instruments.


For the manual cleaning of medical instruments including flexible endoscopes and accessories eg. surgical instruments and rigid endoscopes, MIC, syntheticimplements of anesthetic, surgical and urology ward. Also suitable for use in ultrasonic baths.

Depending on type and degree of soiling, create a solution of 0.3% (3 ml/L) - 1% (10 ml / L) in clean tap water.

Immerse instrument ensuring all surfaces are completely wet. Clean items according to instrument manufacturer’s instructions, including mechanical action (eg.: brushing, wiping) until visual clean. If used in ultrasonic bath, keep bath covered during sonification.

Rinse with at least drinking water quality and dry the external surfaces and internal channels (eg. endoscopes) afterwards.

For professional use only.


Non-ionic surfactants, complexing agents, pH-regulator, booster and dye.


Density (20°C) pH (20°C) 5 ml/L 1,04 g/ml approx. 8 (in tap water)


Based on the toxicological potential and the mass content of the ingredients Sekusept Pure Clean is assessed not to have adverse health effects. 


Use (after opening) Shelf life
In container
Until the printed expiry date
As solution
Up to 14 days

For more product details, pack sizes and all relevant order codes, please download the product brochure below.

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