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StabiPURE Filtration system

StabiPURE Filtration System

For caustic solutions in bottle washing machines

The StabiPURE filters fibres and other particles directly in-line in the bottle washing machine. Instead of building up over time the fibres are filtered out continuously. The unit is on a turn-key skid and is easily connectable to most bottle washing machines.

StabiPURE serves a highly efficient and effective depth filtration of the caustic solution in bottle washing machines with a flow rate of up to 15m3/h. The type of the fine mesh filter can be flexibly selected. Automatic self-cleaning of the filter modules within the closed circulation process takes only a few seconds. A stop for manual cleaning is not required. This is saving time and maintains a high level of worker safety. The fibres and debris filtered out are automatically carted away into a suitable collecting container. This prevents blockage of drains and protects the waste water. The durable and cost-effective mesh filter modules are easy to change.
StabiPURE equipment
StabiPURE Filtration System Features and Benefits
  • Single step depth filtration system
  • In-line installation at bottle washing machines
  • Filters fibres from the caustic solution in bottle washing machines
  • Improves end quality and reduces manual cleaning
  • Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Flow control
  • High flow rate, up to 15m3/hr
  • Suitable for water temperatures up to 80°C
  • Robust construction (stainless steel, EPDM)
  • Flexible mesh filter types (25μm – 200μm)