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Kitchen Heroes at Work

Our Kitchen Hero solutions and technologies provide quantifiable value to specific customer challenges, including, labour shortages, increasing costs and an enhanced focus on public health, safety and sustainability, through the combined benefits of our solutions and services.

Ecolab helps deliver value everywhere it matters. eROI, which stands for exponential return on investment, is our process of measuring the benefits and total value delivered through Ecolab solutions and services – from increasing productivity and performance to reducing operational costs and driving efficiency while achieving corporate responsibility goals and making a positive impact in the world.

Introducing Kitchen Heroes 

Your partners in food safety and sustainable operations. Our video showcases how we can help you save money, minimize waste, and protect your brand with our innovative solutions. Watch now and discover how we can empower your kitchen to achieve its full potential.

Meet Our Kitchen Heroes

Total value delivered for your kitchen. Learn more below on the impact our super heroes can deliver to your operation.

Kitchen Surface Disinfection

Surface Disinfection

Our solutions provide outstanding cleaning performance and fast acting disinfection with a broad spectrum of efficacy in 1 step, maximising employee efficiency.

Did you know that...
Many pathogens can survive on inanimate surfaces like metals, for several months if no preventive disinfection is performed.

Manual Pot and Pan Cleaning

Manual Warewashing

Our solutions carry a broad spectrum of efficacy reducing risks associated with cross contamination in the manual warewashing and food prep areas.

Did you know that...
34% of people report that they have had a bad experience when eating out of the home.1

Kitchen Degreasing


Our solutions reduce the risks normally associated with aggressive oven cleaners and degreasers whilst penetrating and removing grease quickly.

Did you know that...
Compensation levels from an injury from a chemical cleaner can be over €280k.2

Kitchen Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Our solutions attack greasy build up on kitchen floors and is proven to reduce the risks of slips and falls enhancing the safety of your staff.3

Did you know that...

75% of restaurant kitchen workers have experienced a work-related accident due to a slippery floor.4


Powering Kitchen Hygiene Outcomes

Improving Efficiencies

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Studies prove KitchenPro Wash ’n Walk increases slip resistance, therefore making floors safer5, plus the 100% rinse free formula reduces water consumption by 50%6
Minimize food safety and public health risks

Minimize Food Safety and Public Health Risks

Our surface disinfection products can eliminate the need for rinse water and also reduce procedure time by up to 6 hours7
Sustainable Solutions

Reduce Water, Energy and Waste Consumption

The combination of super concentrates, accurate dosing and unique packaging leads to generating the maximum amount of in-use solution whilst reducing the amount of packaging waste by up to 90%.

Foodservice Program

Our comprehensive foodservice solutions put safety, hygiene and sustainability up front and through our first-class service model we ensure compliance and help build your customer's trust. With our total cost of ownership approach, we provide innovative solutions with proven efficacy that focus on improving your entire operation and creating a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Our Sustainability Impact

At Ecolab, sustainability is an integral part of everything we do. Through technology, information, on-site service and training, we help companies around the world achieve exceptional business results, while advancing a positive environmental and social impact. The work we do matters, and the way we do it matters to our employees, customers and our communities.


2 Conversion rates @ 2022

3 Based on the solution KitchenPro Wash'n Walk

4 Chang HJ, Kim JW, Ju SY, Go ES. Nutrition Research and Practice

5 FIGR Forschungs slip resistance testing for Ecolab - 2022

6 Compared to 2 step floor cleaning process

7 Based on no-rinse formulation of KitchenPro Oxy Wipes S versus traditional chemistry that requires rinsing after application