Disinfectant Being Used in Cleanroom Environment

Disinfectants, Sporicides and Biocides for Cleanrooms

Choose from a range of cleanroom disinfectants, sporicides and biocides that are designed for rotational use to effectively control microbial contamination, including bacterial spores, in critical aseptic core cleanroom manufacturing areas.

The range allows you to choose the right rotational program for cleanroom disinfection or sanitization to meet the needs of your facility while considering factors such as efficacy, residue control, health and safety. 

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Comprehensive Contamination Control

Ecolab delivers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end cleaning and disinfection solutions, including cleanroom disinfectants, sporicides and biocides, that are tailored to your specific applications and goals. Review our full Cleanroom Catalog or visit our Cleanroom Program page.

Klercide™ Low Residue Quat

Product Highlight: Klercide™ Low Residue Quat

Ecolab Klercide™ Low Residue Quat is blend of quaternary ammonium compound and Water for Injection (WFI). It’s efficacious at a low concentration ensuring the product leaves minimal residues and makes it ideal for high grade cleanrooms and critical manufacturing areas. 

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