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MAXX Indur S

Super Wetting Floor Cleaner Maintainer

Thoroughly cleans surfaces from dirt and reduces dirt adhesion with regular use. Used in spray buffing method, it removes scuff marks, repairs floor finish and restores initial gloss.

Product Overview


  • Thoroughly cleans surfaces from traffic dirt and reduces dirt adhesion with regular use
  • High dirt absorbing capability and low foaming


  • Effective in low concentration (from 0.1%) to optimise cleaning costs
  • Used in spray buffing method, it removes scuff marks, repairs floor finish and restores initial gloss


  • No requirement for extra safety training and additional PPE
  • Color coding for clear usage identification
  • Material friendly formulation allows use on most water resistant hard surfaces
  • Certified according to DIN 18032


  • Reduces CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing and transport by approx. 60%*
  • Reduces waste by approx. 50%*
  • Packaging with 30% post-consumer recycled content which is 100% recyclable depending on local recycling systems


  • 1L
  • 5L


  • EU Ecolabel Awarded - DE/020/425
  • Cradle2Cradle Certified
  1. Check hygiene plan and product label for detailed use information.
  2. Wear suitable protective clothing when handling the product. 
  3. Floor Cleaning Method: Depending on level of soiling, add 10-100 ml MAXX Indur S to 10 L water. For routine cleaning with normal soiling, mix 25 ml MAXX Indur S with 10 L cold water.
  4. For manual floor cleaning we recommend the product in combination with Ecolab microfiber mopping systems. No rinsing required.
  5. Spray Buffing Method: Dilute 25-50 ml of MAXX Indur S in 500 ml water into a spray bottle or directly in the spray system of a machine.
  6. Spray on the floor over approximately 2 sqm at a time and polish with a high-speed single disc machine with an appropriate pad until clean and dry.

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*Based on MAXX Indur S at a dilution of 0.1% versus a comparable Ecolab product in a standard packaging at a dilution of 0.25%