Automotive Operations Management

Operations management in automotive assembly is complex, especially in the paint shop. Managing the pretreatment and ECoat stages of surface preparation, the paint booth, and a wet or dry paint overspray separation system, all require strong water treatment and process knowledge. There are multiple vendors involved in daily operations and there can be a frequent turnover of skilled operators. This combination can result in loss of production efficiency and higher operating cost.

Nalco Water is your trusted partner to maximize operating efficiency with trained on-site technicians. Our expert operations management teams can deliver process management, chemical management and engineering solutions.

Dedicated To Partnering With The Automotive Industry Worldwide

Nalco Water Partners with Over 50 OEM Automotive Assembly, Automotive Parts and Heavy Truck Plants to Help Achieve:

system checkpoints
tracked annually per site

Up to
reduction in paint rework
with defect consultation*  

improvement in first-time quality
on average*

Total Paint Booth Management

With the Nalco Water Total Booth Management approach, we can help optimize processes across your operations.

Dirt in Paint programs: Experienced Dirt Analyst that can deliver up to 65% reduction of Defect Per Unit (DPU).

Wet Paint booth overspray management

Nalco Water leverages automotive experience and innovative paint detackification chemistries to lower total cost of operation and meet or exceed your environmental goals.  The managed operations team at Nalco Water handles the complete overspray management program including water quality testing, chemical program administration and optimization of the consolidator system. 

Dry booth management

The Operations Management team can deliver extended filter life, translating to lower replacement costs. Our approach can be applied to all paint booth systems based on customized service needs. Management activities include proactive monitoring and air flow measurements, eliminator and hopper monitoring, and filter and media management. 

VOC abatement system management 

Our teams apply predictive KPI monitoring and comprehensive process expertise to optimize system operations.  This can help reduce the risk of regulatory non-compliance and unscheduled plant shutdown. We work to balance and manage your system effectively including carbon, zeolite and ceramic media replacement, as well management of as regenerative and recuperative systems and rotary concentrators.

Pretreatment and ECoat system management

Using best practices, our operations teams monitor and manage the KPIs around water and the process.  Data-based recommendations are provided on tank clean-outs, cleaning schedules, filter change outs and more to maintain quality while managing costs. 

Managed Operations Map Image

Wastewater Treatment Management 

Nalco Water can also provide trained and certified wastewater treatment operations for 24x7 monitoring and management, sludge management and system maintenance.  


Case Study: Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Avoids Downtime After Contaminated Wastewater Incident  

An electric vehicle manufacturing plant was pushing to increase productivity when a wastewater incident threatened to slow them down. The Nalco Water team’s expert response kept them running, reduced asset damage and helped avoid a permit violation and expensive remediation solutions.

*Results may vary due to factors outside of Ecolab’s control, such as water conditions, operational procedures and any other factors. Results to be obtained including, but not limited to, cost and water savings cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Ecolab.