The SteriShield™ Delivery System

The SteriShield™ Delivery System

Ecolab’s Closed and Validated Trigger Spray System

An effective cleaning and disinfection program in controlled areas is critical to maintain product quality and safety in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The SteriShield™ Delivery System’s (SDS) closed and validated trigger spray system ensures content sterility throughout use, making it an ideal solution for the cleaning and disinfection of critical areas like cleanrooms.

The SteriShield™ Delivery System

Typical spray solutions such as conventional trigger spray systems and aerosols can compromise various areas of your business, including employee health and safety, cost of use/profitability, product quality and regulatory compliance.

The SteriShield™ Delivery System’s (SDS) unique combination of bag in the bottle design and patented trigger system is specifically designed to address these challenges, and provides a closed system ensuring contamination cannot enter the bottle during use. Both bottle and trigger are designed to prevent air return, assuring users of sterile fluid dispensing, every time.

SteriShield™ + Klercide™ = Clean and Safe

The Ecolab Klercide™ Program consists of a wide array of products and services that meet your key needs for cleanroom cleaning and disinfection to ensure patient safety, product quality, regulatory compliance, employee health and safety, and operational efficiency.

Sterility Assured

The SDS patented and unique trigger head works by forming a complete seal, preventing any air from being drawn back into the bottle. This not only eliminates the risk of microbial contamination in critical fill / finish areas but also chemical contaminants in other areas where powders or aerosols are present.
Two spray bottles: standard trigger spray with no vacuum = system is not closed. SDS trigger spray with vacuum = system is closed.

Tested and Validated

A combination of vacuum tests, nutrient broth tests and particle tests have been conducted to provide the assurance of a fully validated dispensing system, ensuring long in-use shelf life and peace of mind. A full set of data is available for each of these tests. Contact us for more information.
Delivery System Comparison chart

Delivery System Comparison

Aerosols and conventional trigger systems can pose risks to your operations. The SDS delivers benefits of key cleaning and disinfection criteria by preserving the integrity of the product, minimizing risk to operators, fulfilling regulatory requirements and providing a cost effective solution. Contact us to learn how SDS compares to conventional systems.

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