Incidin™ Premium Wipes

Dedicated for professional cleaning and disinfection of all kinds of surfaces. Incidin™ Premium Wipes are high-quality, non-woven wipes perfectly compatible with Ecolab Incidin™ Environmental Hygiene products. They are offered in a form of a roll with 99 wipes on each.

Product Details

Our performance Your benefit
Each roll is provided with a sticker to mark product used, concentration and preparation date. Can be filled manually or with the use of DG technology. Easy to use
28 days of in-use stability confirmed. Stable
High quality material, lint-free and non-woven s perfect for cleaning and disinfection of small surfaces.
The dispenser is easy to reprocess, both manually and automatically.

Incidin™ Wipes Dispenser N with Incidin™ Premium Wipes


Put on gloves and then remove lid. Before re-using the bucket, clean and disinfect bucket or use an automated washer disinfector.


Fill in 2.5 L of Incidin™ disinfection solution

 Wearing gloves unpack Incidin™ Premium Wipes 

Pull first wipe through the lid and close the bucket. After filling in the solution, wait for 30 – 60 minutes to ensure all wipes are soaked with the solution. 

Insert Incidin™ Premium Wipes roll and pull out first wipe

Complete the label information and attach to bucket. 


Wipe roll (99 wipes / roll) made of high-quality dry and lint-free non-woven PET material for combined use with selected Ecolab Incidin™ surface disinfectants.

Wipe size 20 x 38 cm. 6 rolls (99 wipes each) per case.

Use biocide products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use. For professional use only.

Recommended products

Incidin™ Premium Wipes achieve the best performance in combination with Ecolab environmental hygiene products:

  • Incidin™ Pro
  • Incidin™ Plus
  • Incidin™ Rapid
  • Incidin™ Liquid
  • Incidin™ Foam

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