Incidin™ Premium Wipes HygPack

Consisting of a foil bag for inserting into the Incidin™ Wipes Dispenser N, a dry wipe roll (99 wipes / roll) of premium quality, to combine with selected Ecolab Incidin™ Environmental Hygiene products and a transparent cover with colored caps (choice of green, red or blue).

Product Details

The benefits of the Incidin™ Premium Wipes HygPack

  • Simple – Possible to use in the Incidin™ Wipes Dispenser N
  • Safe – Application is also possible in risk areas
  • Saves time and money – No reprocessing of the wipe roll or cover is required
  • Compatible with selected Ecolab environmental hygiene products
  • Cover with caps in three colors for coding different environmental hygiene agents

Please see sell sheet for ordering information.


For more product details, pack sizes and all relevant order codes, please download the product brochure below.



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