Optimizing safe water at SAP data centers



Every second people use the internet, they rely on data centers to store, manage and distribute their information. As digital traffic grows, data centers are experiencing a global growth spurt.

Data centers are buildings of servers that produce heat, so they require cooling, which takes large amounts of water and energy. Preventing microbiological growth is always an important part of the process. If not properly treated and maintained, the water used in data centers can be at risk for the presence of Legionella bacteria, which can cause Legionnaire’s disease, a serious and sometimes deadly form of pneumonia. An outbreak can cause significant financial and reputational damage.

SAP, a multinational software corporation based in Germany, operates many data centers around the world. The company is dedicated to improving people’s lives through technology and committed to sustainability. As an industry leader in water safety for employees and the communities in which it operates, SAP places a high priority on preventing bacterial threats. 


In 2018, SAP built two data centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While designing these sites, the company’s engineers worked with Ecolab to ensure proper water safety practices were in place. This included implementing Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR™ Technology and a comprehensive water management plan. With these solutions, Ecolab has helped SAP take a holistic approach to water safety by properly treating water and continuously testing to minimize the threat of Legionella bacteria and help ensure safe water.

By partnering with Ecolab, SAP is proactively managing the risks associated with the water used at its data centers globally. SAP is staying ahead of the game and demonstrating that it is a leader in the industry when it comes to water safety management practices and commitment to water safety. Ecolab helps SAP minimize risks and avoid unexpected costs that challenge the data center industry. 

SAP is not only a leader in the software industry, it is a leader in water safety management practices. Working with Ecolab, SAP has adopted a holistic approach to treating water to minimize the risk of Legionella bacteria. 

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