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All you need for proper disinfection in your practice – from providing gentle and effective hand hygiene, surface cleaning and disinfection to reprocessing medical instruments. Our products are designed for frequent use and tested according to the latest European norms. Our service includes also educational materials and training for your staff, professional and comprehensive advise on the best products to use and how to use them, scientific evidence and latest guidance for the most optimal hygienic practices.

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For safety information on our healthcare products, call this emergency number: +49 2173 5991700.

Hands are the first and the most important tool of the healthcare professionals. Making sure they are always clean and taking a good care of them helps you rest assured that both yourself and all you patients can be safe. We help you achieve that with our range of hand hygiene products.
From floors and big surfaces to the tiniest corners, not easy to reach – you need to make sure that all the surfaces in your practice are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to create a safe environment for your work and to take care of your patients.
Proper washing and disinfection of your instruments is the basis for your patients safety. Ecolab provides a wide range of products to care for that, from pre-treatment to machine washing and disinfection.
Our solutions for skin disinfection will help you make sure that your patient skin is well prepared for any kind of invasive procedure, such as vaccination, injection.

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