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Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

To preserve the integrity of your biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, it’s important to have a comprehensive bio-contamination control solution. Whether you’re a small startup or a large, established pharmaceutical manufacturer, Ecolab has the technology and expertise to help you mitigate the risk of bio-contamination, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and operate more efficiently.

Bioquell's ProteQ solution box detail with hand pointing at closed glove box component.

Bioquell Technology

Bioquell equipment uses Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant to produce hydrogen peroxide vapor, which achieves a 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces. This eliminates all forms of microbial life in the inanimate environment, including vegetative bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, fungal spores, and viruses.

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Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapy regulations are strict. Production facilities can’t afford to contaminate the life-saving medicines they're making, and subsequently scrap them. To get your product safely to market as soon as possible, it's critical to comply with industry regulations and standards.

Ecolab’s advanced cleaning and bio-contamination solutions help you mitigate bio-contamination risks with confidence, so you can focus on developing life-changing therapies.

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Woman receives COVID-19 vaccine injection.

Vaccine Development

Biological-containment facilities are a critical part of vaccine development, diagnostic studies, and research. Ecolab’s Bioquell bio-decontamination solutions kill microorganisms in your cleanroom, equipment surfaces, and pass-throughs.

Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing & Compounding
Bioquell Validation


In biopharmaceutical manufacturing, proving compliance with regulatory requirements is key. Navigating these many requirements on your own can be complex. That’s why Ecolab provides the engineers and experience to validate the bio-decontamination process. We put our regulatory knowledge to work for you, to help you comply with cGMP, to help ensure product safety and quality.

Ecolab Life Sciences Experts

Technical Expertise from Industry Experts

Ecolab’s Life Sciences experts are passionate about patient safety, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. We provide manufacturer’s a partnership and confidence through achievable cleaning and disinfection programs.

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Bio-contamination Control Solutions

Learn more about how Ecolab’s Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Bio-contamination Control solutions can help your facility produce safe, compliant products that exceed standards, measurably improve operational efficiency and help achieve sustainability goals.

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