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OEM Healthcare Manufacturing

Clean, sterile, protective environments are essential to your business. From device design and development to regulatory compliance and tech support, we offer a complete line of custom solutions and dedicated services that help maximize your brand, expand your portfolio and provide safe, clean, protected healthcare environments.

OEM Healthcare Customer Benefits:

Full-Service OEM solutions. Superior customized products.

When you partner with Ecolab Healthcare, you benefit from our full-service OEM solutions with virtually limitless customization options for:

  • Surgical (including customized drapes and covers)
  • Chemical solutions for:
    • Hand hygiene (soaps, lotions, surgical scrubs)
    • Environmental hygiene (concentrates, ready to use liquids and wipes)
    • Instrument reprocessing (cleaners and disinfectants in liquid and powder format)

Full-service solutions. OEM services and dedicated support.

  • Product design and development
  • Quality control and regulatory compliance
  • Manufacturing and fabrication
  • Packaging and sterilization
  • Order fulfillment and flexible distribution options
  • Technical support
  • Project management

Increase revenue. Decrease headaches.

By offering comprehensive, turnkey solutions, you’re able to concentrate on your core business and decrease overhead, which saves time, resources and costs.

Expand your portfolio. Increase your product offering.

Updating existing designs or designing entirely new products is easy with Ecolab Healthcare OEM. Our custom design and development expertise allow you to provide a robust and varied product line for your customers.

Protect your brand. Expand your market share.

When you control your full offering, you better control your business outcomes. Brand recognition and loyalty are essential in the competitive medical device industry. That’s why our full-service, partnership-focused approach helps enhance and support your brand by ensuring regulatory compliance and dedicated customer service.

Our Approach

At Ecolab Healthcare, we serve as your equipment manufacturer (OEM) as well as your trusted business partner. That means we’re your source for medical drapes, covers and chemical solutions while offering a unique approach to service that helps protect your brand, increase your revenue generation and expand your portfolio.

Meet Compliance, Reduce Risk, Increase Revenue

We provide dedicated staff and ISO-certified facilities and procedures that ensure our practices and your products maintain compliance with applicable international standards and regulation, including U.S. FDA, EN ISO 13485, European Biocide Regulations and CMDCAS.

Global Manufacturing and Support

With locations throughout the world, Ecolab Healthcare OEM Services provides numerous manufacturing and fabrication services including

  • cleanroom assembly, laminating, die-cutting
  • chemical manufacturing incl. alcohols, peracetic acid based products, lotions and emulsions
  • manufacturing process validated for cosmetic, medical device or biocide regulated products
  • GMP production and others.

What's more, order placement, customer service and tech support are available wherever your product is legally registered.

Custom Solutions

In order to stay afloat and thrive in the increasingly competitive medical device market, your brand and customized products must offer end-users a customized solution. When you partner with Ecolab, our OEM capabilities allow us to custom design, develop and manufacture virtually any type of medical drape or chemical solution.

Customer Benefits

Our goal  is to provide your company with the ability to expand into new markets and generate more potential. Our success is dependent upon your success. Partnering with Ecolab Healthcare  provides you with a capable and dedicated global partner whose mission is helping you succeed.